Ginny Richardson Public Relations

"My vice president and I call them “Tom Kellyisms” – communications solutions that Tom recommended during our coaching sessions. He has made important differences in our client relations and our leadership.  He digs in until he understands the nuances of the business including the motivations of its people. And from there he provides life and career changing guidance delivered directly, succinctly and most of all effectively.  Tom is a dynamic leader, a wonderful speaker and a superb coach."

Ginny Richardson, President, Ginny Richardson Public Relations



“I started working with Tom in the summer of 2004.  My main goal was to improve my communications skills and leadership abilities so that I could better deal with some of the complex situations that stem from being a Vice President in a medium sized technology company.  Since that time, I made significant improvements in these areas, and also brought Tom in to coach my team.  The results have been outstanding!  My team has consistently met or exceeded their numbers from quarter to quarter, they are all earning bonuses, and my department has become a role model for the company.  Coaching has made a huge positive impact on my team and my company, and me.  I highly recommend the investment!”

Amber Lippold, Vice President, Vanguard Solutions Group

“Being in the mortgage industry, I was pretty familiar with coaching.  Until I met Tom, I never pursued it.  I hired Tom to help me grow my business, and it has been well worth my time and investment.  When we started working together, I was a single producer.  Through coaching, I was able to define exactly what I wanted, put together a plan, and execute that plan.  I have since been promoted to Vice President, have built a team of mortgage brokers and support staff, I’ve moved my office closer to home, and improved my relationship with my wife and kids.  I’ve expanded the coaching program to my staff, and it has made a huge improvement in their performance as well.  I’m now taking the next step of buying office space and further expanding my business.  I hired Tom to help me create the results I wanted, and I got exactly what I paid for!  I highly recommend coaching to anyone that’s looking to take their business to the next level.”

Kurt Clements, Vice President, GSF Mortgage Company


“When I hired Tom I had recently dropped out of school to pursue my dream of starting a large business. Most of my family and friends called me crazy and told me I would fail. I knew that if I were to succeed I would need a great team of professionals and mentors around me. I started building my team of attorneys, CPA's, marketing and brand imaging professionals.  My financial advisor at the time recommended that I hire a business coach. I knew this would be a great professional to add to my team. I met with Tom Kelly with limited expectations. Most people I dealt with either told me I was nuts and my goals were too lofty or they kissed my butt and told me I would be a huge success. I really wanted someone who recognized my talents but would push me to be better. I start working with Potential in Motion when I was 19 years old.  Since then I have accomplished the goals I had set for myself and even more. In my first year of working with Tom, I doubled my sales.  After that, I put together a plan of how to further grow and expand my business, raised all the capital I needed, and opened my first storefront location in January of 2004.  We again doubled our sales in 2004, and are on pace to double our sales again in 2005!  I could not have succeeded without Tom Kelly. I have referred many of my friends to Tom and they too have achieved similar results. The value in Tom's coaching is almost immeasurable. If you are looking for an amazing return on investment, invest your time, money and energy in Potential in Motion.  It is one of the best investments I have ever made.”

Kevin Chmura, Owner, Flexco Fitness

“I met Tom through a business referral group that I am in called BNI.  It’s a perfect example of the great things that happen from being in that group.  Being in the mortgage business I have dealt with several waves of refinances in the last two years and it is easy to get caught up in being busy.  Tom helps me take a step back and analyze what I need to do to be more efficient in the present and plan and implement the things I need to do to be successful over the long haul.  The small investment I have made in his services has already paid off tenfold!”

Jeff Frank, Senior Loan Officer, Guaranteed Rate

“The reason that I chose to work with Tom Kelly was because I had not figured out why I was in the financial planning business.  Tom has helped me discover those values and beliefs most important to me.  What that means is that he has helped structure a vision that means something and is important.  The real benefit is that once I knew my true direction, it became easier to plan the necessary tasks that need to be done.  As a result, my production is up 100% from last year!”

Steve Nivens, Principal, Premier College Funding Solutions, Inc.  

"Tom is an outstanding sales coach and mentor.  As with most endeavors, when not getting expected results from our efforts, we tend to stray from the basics. Tom's strength is getting back to those basics - or "basic blocking and tackling" as he drills over and over.  His methods are straight forward, logical and proven.  Two thumbs up."

Jeff Fabbri, CPA, CSEP, Financial Advisor, Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network

"Having just finished 16 extremely productive sessions with you, I want to express my complete satisfaction with your services. I sought coaching help after a business setback caused a great deal of personal life chaos. And caught in the stunning economic upheaval of 2008 and 2009, I knew I needed the logical thinking of a coach to proceed. I didn't have time to trial and error my way through these formidable problems.

Several years ago during a similar crisis I used the services of a business coach. He had been instrumental in helping me turn things around. You has been equally helpful providing me with feedback, new information and most importantly systematic thinking about sales and marketing.

As you know, I literally had to recreate an entire marketing and sales system for my business. You provided expert guidance with website, and traditional sales and marketing strategies and step-by-step action recommendations. While I still have much work to do to achieve my goals, meeting with you has given me much more confidence and he has helped me rebuild my sense of balance and effectiveness.

After twice employing coaches, I can say assuredly that coaching especially with you has the best investment is practical training toward goal achievement that I have ever made. Books and DVDs are helpful, but there is nothing like one-on-one tutoring and interaction with an expert in the field to promote solid goal-achievement progress and increased personal satisfaction."

Jack Shrawder, Owner, Teaching for Success

"Tom Kelly has provided invaluable insight and knowledge about marketing through the Internet.  Tom has also been very generous in sharing some best practices in starting my new business.  I appreciate your help and guidance.  Thank you Tom."

Otis Thornhill, Owner, It's Always Service Corp.

"I can say that having Tom Kelly as my coach was literally a life changing experience. Before I started the coaching with Tom, my life was definitely at an all-time low.  I was out of a job, just filed bankruptcy, and had no direction in life.  I was really in a negative mood.  Thatʼs when I decided to make a drastic change and hire a coach.  Deciding on getting a coach was one of the best decisions Iʼve ever made.  What I liked about Tom was how he truly listened to me about what I was going through.  It seemed like no matter how hard it was to accomplish a goal, he had great suggestions to get my mind stimulated again.  I definitely learned so much about myself and what I needed to change in order to accomplish my goals.  The Power Questions, book recommendations, and assignments were excellent and really helped me switch from having disempowering thoughts to empowering thoughts.  Now I just ask myself what it is that I want in life and what I need to do to get it.

Looking back, I can see the progress I made from the beginning of the coaching to now.  Even before the end of the coaching, I was able to start a new sales position that I feel great about, find happiness in a new relationship with a wonderful woman, and start a side business in Internet marketing.  All I can say is that my life is so much better now. If anybody ever needs a coach, Tom Kelly is definitely who I would refer them to.

Thank you for everything, Tom!"

Ken Watson, Sales Professional, Los Angeles, CA

"When you attend one of Tom Kelly's seminars, you can see how skilled he is at his craft and how knowledgeable he is on his subject.  When you experience one-on-one coaching with Tom, it becomes quickly apparent how generous, intuitive, and incisive he is.  He gets right to the heart of the matter, and gives you so much useful and specific information without wasting a nanosecond.  In short, Tom possesses a rare blend of skill and talent which he generously shares. If you get the opportunity to hear or speak with him - take it!"

Marla Bollak, Owner, Credit Coach 4 U

"My relationship with Tom is a bit different.  While some of you know Tom as your Business Coach and others of you just know him as a Coach, Tom and I were business colleagues back in the '90s.  Tom was always sharp and on target and it was a real loss when he left the company.  Tom went off to start his Life Coaching profession and I stayed a bit longer.  A few years later I also left and started my sales training business, Heyden Training.

Anyway, as you also probably do with your previous business associates and friends Tom and I stayed in touch.  We talk now and then and every single time we do Tom never misses a cue to some issue I'm up against.  Now what's really amazing is not only does he pick up on it he immediately switches into coaching mode.  I'm not talking here about someone who talks at me.  Just the opposite.  Tom preserves and actually enhances our professional and personal relationship as he talks me through specific issues and key high impact and most importantly actionable solutions.

Ok, so you say others may be able to do this too.  Well what makes Tom better and different is he utilizes real life examples, consequences, and alternatives to help me discover the right plan to overcome the obstacle and move forward.  In other words I feel coached without feeling like I have been coached if that makes sense.  It is a rare gift indeed and Tom certainly has found his calling.  I'm sure Tom employs these same skills plus others in his day to day coaching with his clients.  Anyone Tom coaches will experience these same qualities not easily found but so necessary in today's business climate."

Bill Heyden, Heyden Training / Signature Sales Performance Skills
“Having lost a job that I had held for over 15 years, I felt lost as I began the process of searching for a new career.  I had little experience and expertise with the art of developing a job search campaign.  I came across Tom at an entrepreneurial seminar organized by a third party organization.  I was very impressed with Tom’s seminar and decided to hire him when I discovered that he was an expert at providing job seekers with career coaching services.  In less than 3 months, Tom totally transformed my job search campaign.  He helped me to develop an outstanding resume, cover letter and marketing plan.  He also gave me invaluable advice on how to target hiring managers and on how to interview far more effectively.  In my opinion, Tom has helped me to improve my overall marketing program tenfold.  I strongly recommend Tom Kelly as a career coach!!”  

Vick Paul, Chief Financial Officer

“We hired Tom to do a presentation for our annual NAIFA Dupage Sales Congress meeting.  He was easy to work with, and gave an outstanding presentation on how to attract more customers.  His interactive style really got the audience involved, and the group exercises really got his points across.  The audience loved it!  If you are looking for a great speaker for you group, I highly recommend him!”

Dave Frolicstein, NAIFA DuPage board member and Owner – Frolicstein Financial

“I met Tom during one of his Chamber presentations, and after hearing some good things about him, I decided to give coaching a try.  My goal was to grow my mailing business and generate more revenue for myself.  After working with Tom for 3 months, my revenues are up 68% over this same period last year!  I now have a solid plan, some accountability, and with Tom’s help, my business is exploding!  I highly recommend working with Tom if you are looking to take your business to the next level.”

Alison Clemens, Owner, Clemens Mailing Service

“If you are looking to reach the next level, I recommend teaming up with Tom Kelly.  What you will experience is a trained professional helping you understand what is holding you back and how to break through those barriers.

When I started working with Tom, I wasn’t sure if he could do anything for me.  I am a naturally hard working person.  Also, I am pretty good at holding myself accountable to my goals and I know what my blockers are.  I considered it an opportunity and took the bull by the horns.  If I could describe my feelings in one word after just two months of working with Tom, I would say I was very grateful.

Tom helped me clarify my “issues” and I was very impressed at how he taught me to overcome them.  He brings so much to the table in the form of experience, knowledge, and coaching resources.  His listening skills are unbelieveable and he really knows how to challenge people to reach their potential.  In short, he is a guy that is full of integrity and passionate about helping you reach the next level.”

Matt Naskrent, Owner, Pinnacle Results Coaching

“I hired Tom and honestly can’t put a value on the difference he has made in my life.  Sometimes he pushes me beyond my limits but I thrive on competition.  As a result of coaching, I have a sense of focus on both short and long term goals.  My mind is clearer due to the organization that he has taught me.

The best part of all for me is that I am now starting to have a balance between my business and family time.  Before I was stressed because I struggled in finding balance between the two.  I am looking forward to growing my business exponentially this next year as a result of Tom’s coaching.”

Heidi Shroda, Wellness Consultant, Cells4Life, Inc.

“Tom has broadened my perspective and provided me with the tools to succeed in my job search.  Keep up the good work!”

DD, Senior Accountant

“Although I was skeptical about coaching in the beginning, Tom provided by his actions and abilities the value of coaching.  I now have many new ideas to use in my business.”

RP, Certified Cash Flow Consultant

“Tom is a true talent in the art of coaching.  He has been tremendous in providing guidance and focus on achieving my goals.  His style and approach is very effective in assisting anyone who is committed to personal improvement and striving to achieve excellence in their lives.”

JT, Sales Executive