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Executives Or Managers: Do You Ask Yourself These Questions?

Are you looking to get better results? Would you like to dramatically improve your leadership and management skills so that you have a greater impact on your team? Would you like to strengthen your communication skills and learn how to develop your team to reach their potential? Are you ready to exceed your goals and objectives while maintaining a balanced life?

Whether you are a CEO, a consultant or a mid-level manager, in today’s business environment you have to generate outstanding results and contribute to the bottom line by leading and inspiring your employees to perform to their maximum potential. Your success is contingent upon your ability to lead, inspire, communicate, and get work done through others. Additionally, you have to be strategic in your approach and execute while at the same time developing yourself and your team so that you can continue to generate outstanding results over time. As the leader and manager of your team, the results, or lack of them, are directly attributed to who you are as a person and as a leader of your business!

Leadership Training/Development Based in Chicago

If you are an executive or manager that is looking to improve your executive skills through leadership training / mentoring and looking for a leadership development partner to work with you, you will benefit greatly from working with a leadership training coach.

Do Any of These Statements Sound Familiar?

I’ve always been a great individual performer, but I’m having a challenge getting others to produce at the same level
I’m in a new role and feel incredible pressure to perform and generate results, and I want to prove that I’m the right person for the job
I’ve just been promoted to a new position, and now I have to lead my former co-workers
I need to deliver some difficult feedback, and I’m avoiding it because I’m just not sure how to deliver it
I work so many hours that I rarely have time to do anything but work
My team is not performing to their potential and they “just don’t get it”
I have multiple generations of people on my team that all have different models of the world, and I’m just not sure how to motivate and communicate with them
I need to improve my “executive presence” and strategic thinking, and it’s affecting my overall confidence and results
My team is underperforming, and I need to generate better results quickly
I’m not exactly sure who I am as a leader, what my values are, and what’s important to me

If So, By Working & Training With A Leadership Coach You Can:

Shift your mindset from being a doer into a leader, and effectively get work done through others

Set the correct expectations out of the gate, create some quick wins, and build your momentum so that you get off to a great start

Connect, build rapport, and be a great leader, so that your former co-workers are inspired and actually want to work for you

Improve your rapport building, communication, and feedback skills so that you can deliver difficult messages in a way that is well received and helps your employees overcome their challenges and develop their skills

Live a balanced life while still generating outstanding results at work

Develop strong leadership and management skills that allow you to lead, train, and inspire your team so that they reach their full potential

Learn how to shift your management and communication style so that you can connect with every person on your team and lead them in a way that motives and engages them while developing them to their potential

Develop your own style and executive presence and learn how to think more strategically

Become an effective “change leader” by learning how to set clear goals and expectations while inspiring the organization to a higher standard

Develop your leadership point of view so that you know what your values are as a leader, where they came from, what you expect from the people that you lead, and what they should expect from you as their leader


Additionally, As Your Chicago-based Leadership Training Coach I Will Provide You With:

Executive Training/Coaching for Business Leadership

The tools, support structure, and distinctions to allow you to reach your goals quickly

An environment where you can speak openly and freely – everything we talk about is held in strict confidence

Access to an extensive network of professionals, leadership consultants, and other people that can help you achieve your goals

Support between sessions via phone and e-mail

Access to hundreds of resources and assessments used by leadership consultants and executives

The full and honest truth from a professional leadership consultant who is in your corner

Find Out What My Client's Say:

Tom Helped Me Develop a Plan

“Tom helped me develop a plan for a successful transition into a new position. He guided me, challenged my thinking, and asked pertinent questions to help me decide on a plan of action.”

Randy Blackburn

Tom Helped Me Set And Achieve Goals

“Tom was truly vested and engaged in me during the coaching process. He helped me set and achieve goals, improve communication skills, elevate my team’s engagement level, and increase the operational effectiveness of my district.”

Michelle Banks

If you are looking for a great coach that will challenge you and help you get the results you are looking for, I recommend giving Tom a call!

“I met Tom at an event I attended where he was the keynote speaker. I had recently started a new business venture and was looking for a coach to help me improve my sales results, improve my leadership, and scale my business. Tom helped me set clear and executable goals, build a solid business plan, and create a sales and marketing system to qualify high quality leads and bring in new business. Since working with Tom, I’ve brought in a bunch of new business, started to build a solid team, and have a mission and the confidence in myself to lead my business to a whole other level. If you are looking for a great coach that will challenge you and help you get the results you are looking for, I recommend giving Tom a call!”

Kim Droessler

Tom Kelly is a Great Executive Coach

“Tom Kelly is a great executive coach. As part of my development plan he conducted a 360-leadership assessment for me. The feedback I received from my team and peers was excellent and generated many action items for me to work on to capitalize on my strengths and work on those things the need improvement. Becoming aware of areas in which the entire team was in agreement, areas that were blind spots for me, and even areas of unrealized strengths was exciting and helpful. It is impossible to improve or correct a problem if we don’t know it exists! This assessment provided me with a greater level of awareness and will ultimately help me be a better leader. Thanks Tom!”

Scott Craven

Tom Kelly at Potential in Motion Has Become a ‘go to’ Resource for Our Company

“Tom Kelly at Potential in Motion has become a ‘go to’ resource for our company on a range of development and growth needs. In particular, we have used Potential in Motion to help us evaluate our employees for purposes of career development, job fit and satisfaction. We consider Tom an expert in these matters and look forward to his participation in the growth of our firm.”

Domenic Rinaldi