360º Assessments

360º assessments are a cutting-edge feedback tool that allows leaders and managers to get performance feedback from their managers, peers, direct reports, customers, and also from themselves. The feedback is collected anonymously through an online assessment tool, or in the case of an Interview Based 360, through an experienced coach that conducts anonymous interviews and assembles the feedback into a report that is shared with the leader or manager being assessed. The feedback is also compared to industry benchmarks based on data from others that have taken the assessment, so that the leader or manager can get a better understanding of how they compare to others in a similar role outside of their company and industry.

Once the 360º assessment is completed, we provide a debrief session with the leader or manager to deliver the feedback and build an individual development plan. The individual development plan can be used as a stand-alone tool or in conjunction with an ongoing coaching program to leverage the person’s natural strengths and develop areas of opportunity to improve long-term leadership and management skills. The 360º assessment is a key tool in the development process, as it provides honest feedback from different perspectives which allows person getting the feedback to better understand where they are currently, and what they need to do to improve. The assessment can also be used after a coaching and development program has been administered to objectively measure progress in a quantifiable way.

We are certified administrators of the following high-quality, industry leading 360 instruments:

Lominger VOICES® Research-Based Multi-Rater 360º Feedback System

This wholly web-enabled 360° feedback system provides access to Lominger’s library of 67 Competencies, 19 Career Stallers and Stoppers, 26 Clusters, 8 Factors, 7 International Focus Areas, 10 Universal Performance Dimensions, and 356 Behavioral Aspects. It can be customized specifically for your company to suit your development and feedback needs with any of the Lominger items above, or even your own.

TruScore® (formerly The Booth Company) 360º Feedback System

This 360º feedback system is based on 34+ leadership competencies, 53+ management competencies, and 27+ individual contributor competencies which can be customized to meet your needs. What sets TruScore® apart from other 360 feedback systems is that it’s based on The Task Cycle®, which organizes all of your feedback data into logical, business-relevant categories of action. The Task Cycle® is organized sequentially, with the phases of greatest leverage appearing first. As a result, if you focus on developing capacity in the earliest phases of the cycle, you will see the greatest benefit to your entire performance as a manager or leader.

Interview-Based 360º Assessments

The advantage of an Interview-Based 360 is that the interviewer can ask qualifying questions, look for trends and themes, and generate a two-way dialogue with the people providing feedback. In the right situation, this can provide a greater depth of clarity in the feedback process.

Tom Kelly is a Great Executive Coach

“Tom Kelly is a great executive coach. As part of my development plan he conducted a 360-leadership assessment for me. The feedback I received from my team and peers was excellent and generated many action items for me to work on to capitalize on my strengths and work on those things the need improvement. Becoming aware of areas in which the entire team was in agreement, areas that were blind spots for me, and even areas of unrealized strengths was exciting and helpful. It is impossible to improve or correct a problem if we don’t know it exists! This assessment provided me with a greater level of awareness and will ultimately help me be a better leader. Thanks Tom!”

Scott Craven

Tom Kelly at Potential in Motion Has Become a ‘go to’ Resource for Our Company

“Tom Kelly at Potential in Motion has become a ‘go to’ resource for our company on a range of development and growth needs. In particular, we have used Potential in Motion to help us evaluate our employees for purposes of career development, job fit and satisfaction. We consider Tom an expert in these matters and look forward to his participation in the growth of our firm.”

Domenic Rinaldi


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