Breaking Through The “Comfort Zone” – Your Key To Explosive Business Growth

Your Key To Explosive Business Growth

In this workshop, Professional Certified Coach Tom Kelly will teach you how breaking through your “comfort zone” as a person, a business owner, and a leader is the key to taking your business to the next level.  As an attendee, you will learn key distinctions in the following areas that will transform your ability to significantly grow your business:

  • How your “comfort zone” is dictating your level of success, and what you can do to eliminate this self imposed barrier
  • Better understand your belief systems, how they empower or disempower you, and the steps you need to take to create explosive growth - first in your mind, and then in your business
  • How to overcome your “fear of success”, so that you can move to the next level - both personally and professionally
  • Completely understand motivation – what motivates you, your employees, and how to leverage this to build a highly motivated team
  • How to take what you learn in the workshop and apply it to your business to break through your “comfort zone” and truly take your business to a whole new level!

In addition, if you attend this workshop, you will receive the following:

The Biz Whiz Success Program - an assessment that will help you determine where you are at with respect to 100 key factors to consistent business success and profitability.

An opportunity to win a month of complimentary one-on-one coaching sessions with Business Coach Tom Kelly

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