Sales Tip - Can You Shortcut The Sales Process?

Consumers routinely go through a decision making process when they make a sizable investment in a product or service.  It’s not uncommon for a new or even veteran sales person to be fooled into believing they can shortcut this process.

This is a true story about Tony, a seasoned sales person with a high tech communications company.  Tony’s customer contact is Steve.  Little did Tony know, but Steve had already conducted an extensive background check on Tony’s organization, products, and services and very much liked what he saw.

The Role of Our Inner Dialogue

I am reading a book right now called the Art and Science of Communications by P.S. Perkins. In her first chapter, she speaks of “Intra-personal” communications. That is, what we say to ourselves and the effect that has on our days and our lives. I also just finished 8 hours of Sales Training where the trainer spoke of the roles that our beliefs have on our success or failure in the deal. It’s funny how synchronicity works.
I have been giving some thought to this recently and the specifically how we can never achieve a certain level of success until we reach it in our own mind. As Earl Nightingale used to say, “We become what we think about most”. So what does that mean?