How To Contact New Office Building Tenants

I own a small snack and beverage vending machine business in an office building in the Loop. I want to expand my business. I know there is a lot of new construction in the Loop with potential places to put vending machines.

When I contact the realtors who manage the commercial space to ask what tenants are coming into the space, I get no response. People do not return voice mail or email messages. If I do reach someone by phone, I am often referred to somebody else. How can I reach the people I need to contact without getting the run around.

I do belong to the Chicago Loop Alliance and go to their networking events. I have a web site and use internet advertising, but it is not enough.

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Annette Nowakowski
Snacks on State Inc.
33 S. State street, Room 1187
Chicago, IL. 60603
(312) 793-2521

Issue With My Business Name

Hi Tom,

I have started a pet sitting business.  I had my accountant register me with the Man and got my tax ID #.  I naively thought that this meant no one else had my name.  However, there is another company in this area that has a very similar name.  My accountant and I have submitted an application for a service mark and are waiting to hear back.  

Personally, I would rather not "steal" someone else's name but I am rather fond of my name/logo.  If this company has not service marked their name and I am able to do so, would you recommend that I keep my name?  I understand that our names/websites may get mixed up which could be good or bad.  But I have already had two or three other people in the business comment to me that there is another company with my name.  I just don't want any bad blood.  Plus, it is possible that in the future I may want to develop my own line of environmental enrichment toys for pets (to keep them busy while you're at work).  Any thoughts?

Diane Zahorodny
Watch Dogs  - Professional Pet Care and Photography
PO Box 824
Warrenville, IL 60555
(630) 730-3401