Tip of the Month – How Would You Beat Yourself?

When sitting down to put together a plan-of-attack, we normally focus on attacking the competition, not our own business. By changing our perspective and looking at our business from our competitors' eyes, we can learn some valuable lessons that can improve our business. My challenge to you this month is to put together a brief plan on how you would beat yourself. By doing this, you will learn about your strengths and weaknesses, and how your competition may be attacking you in the market. Armed with this information, you can make some upgrades in your business, turn your weaknesses into strengths, and be better prepared to increase your position in the marketplace!

Tip of the Month – The Rule of 3

During one of my recent seminars, one of the attendees commented that all of the information that he learned in the seminar was great, but he was wondering how I have time to actually implement all the things we had learned that day.  Maybe you can relate to his dilemma.  If you find that you just don’t have enough time in the day to focus on things like growing your business, being proactive with your goals, or just taking time for yourself, perhaps you should implement, “The Rule of 3”!

Small Business Corner – Finishing Strong

October is the beginning of the last quarter of the year. As business owners, we all know how hard it is to finish the year off strong. With holidays taking up the last two months of this quarter, the weather getting worse, and customers focused on what they need to do to get things done, we have no chance to finish strong, right? WRONG!

Let me challenge your thinking. Most small businesses don't have a strong finish to the year, because they set low expectations and make excuses that become self fulfilling prophecies. As a business owner, how can you expect your sales team and employees to perform when you set the expectation that things will be slow during the holidays? I challenge you to get rid of this limiting belief system, and instill a more powerful belief system in yourself, as well as your employees. Here is how to make sure that the fourth quarter is your best:

Tip of the Month – Doing What You Hate?

Two times a month, I sit at my desk and do what I hate the most - paying the bills. There are many reasons that I despise this task. Besides being tedious, it takes time, energy, and inevitably, there will be an error on my bill, which means that I have to contact the dreaded customer service department to get it straightened out. Ugh! This is unbearable.

Sales Tip – Setting The Table For Success

The true effectiveness of a salesperson is measured by the results that he or she creates - the bottom line, so to speak. We all know that the bottom line in sales is how much business you close. What we often fail to realize is that an effective salesperson sets the table for the close, so that, in essence, they never really close deals - the customer does.

Sales Tip – Selling Chocolate Cake

I often tell my prospective clients that trying to sell coaching is like trying to describe what chocolate cake tastes like to someone who has never had a piece. You can go on and on for hours, and you still don't truly understand until you taste it yourself. This is not only true in the coaching business, but for all service oriented businesses. The fact is if you are in a service business, you can't sell your service. Your prospects must exerience what you do if you ever hope to make them your customer. Here are a couple of tips to help you attract customers to your service business, instead of trying to sell them:

Tip of the Month – Choosing the Right Coach

Are you thinking about working with a coach? Are you looking for ways to make sure that you hire the right coach? It is estimated that there are over 70,000 people calling themselves coaches worldwide. Since the coaching industry is in its infancy, standards are still being developed for the industry. What this means is that anyone can call themselves a coach. To ensure that you hire a coach that is qualified to assist you in creating the results that you want, use the following tips to ensure you have a great experience:

Complimentary Coaching Session

Potential in Motion offers all of our prospective clients a complimentary coaching session, so that you can actually experience what it is like to be coached, have all of your questions answered, and make an educated decision as to whether coaching is a good investment for you. This will give you a better understanding of how coaching works, as well as a chance to become familiar with Tom's coaching style.

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