Sales Tip – Door Opener Anyone?

Do you have problems getting appointments with prospects? Do you have a product or service that your clients can get from anyone, and therefore won't agree to see you? If you are like most salespeople, these statements apply to you. Let's face it, people are busy these days, and it is extremely hard to get appointments with prospects.

So, what can you do to get your foot in the door? One thing that can help you immensely is to develop a good door opener. A door opener is any unique product or service that you have that no one else has. By having something different and unique to talk about, you can usually get the appointment. Once you are in the door, you usually end up making the sale. Here are a couple of examples of great door opener products and services:

Sales Tip – Getting Out of The Sales Business

Are you ready to take your sales to the next level? Would you like to add tremendous value for your customers, and be paid top dollar to do so? Are you ready to be paid what you are really worth as a sales person? Would you like your customers to call you, instead of you calling them? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is time for you to get out of the sales business!

Now, that may sound a little drastic. Get out of the sales business? What I mean by this is to make a small distinction in how you view yourself, as well as how your customers view you. The cutting edge trend in sales today is to shift from being an Account Executive, Business Development Specialist, or whatever "traditional" title you currently have to becoming an expert consultant and problem solver for your customers. While you may already play this role, here are a couple of things that can put you on a faster track to success:

Tip of the Month – Deserving To Win

We all like winning, but do you deserve to win? You may like to win, want to win, or feel that you should win, but at the end of the day, can you really say that you deserve to win? Do you have a plan to win? Are you executing it? Have you aligned your actions with your intentions? Do you have a schedule that supports your goals and objectives?

Small Business Corner – Ready For Extreme Success?

As business owners, we are always looking to be more successful - however you define success. The question I have for you this month is, "are you ready for EXTREME success?" If you are ready to take your business to places you never dreamed of before, you will really need to challenge yourself to grow outside of your comfort zone, and take some actions you may have never considered. Below are a couple of tips to help you acheive extreme success in your business:

Small Business Corner – Maximizing Customer “Touches”

In our fast paced, high-tech world, we are constantly bombarded with information. From a marketing perspective, the average person is bombarded by approximately 3500 marketing messages per day. As a small business owner, you are lucky if one of those is yours. You are even luckier if your message is processed and your prospect takes action. So how can you increase the effectiveness of your marketing, and increase the chance that your potential prospects will take action?

You’re Fired! The Apprentice and Your Sales Efforts

Each week on the popular show, "The Apprentice", Donald Trump presents two teams with a business challenge. The winning team goes to the suite, and one of the members on the losing team hears, "You're fired!", and goes to the street. Sometimes it is obvious who needs to get fired, and sometimes, it's a tough choice. As a salesperson, you are faced with tough choices on a daily basis. These tough choices ultimately determine your success or failure as a salesperson. My challenge to you this month is to ask yourself the question, "Who should I fire?", in the context of the following areas:

Tip of the Month – Two Cards, Please

Next time you are at a networking event, use this tip to really impress the people you meet. Ask for two business cards. Yes, that's right - two! The purpose of this is to keep one for yourself, and give one away to the next person you meet that may benefit from the person's product or service. This will set you apart from the crowd, as not only is it memorable, but when you help others build there business, they will help you build yours. You can also flip this around, and give everyone you meet two of your cards, and ask them to pass one on to a friend or associate that may benefit from your product or service.

Complimentary Coaching Session

Potential in Motion offers all of our prospective clients a complimentary coaching session, so that you can actually experience what it is like to be coached, have all of your questions answered, and make an educated decision as to whether coaching is a good investment for you. This will give you a better understanding of how coaching works, as well as a chance to become familiar with Tom's coaching style.

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