Tip of the Month – Your Dream 100

Are you a salesperson, small business owner, or entrepreneur that would like to double or triple your sales in the next year?  Would you like a quick and easy strategy to do so?  If this sounds like you, you need to build your Dream 100!

Sales Tip – 5 Questions That Will Improve Your Sales

Are you looking to take your sales to the next level?  Would you like some insights into how to make this happen?  If you are like most salespeople, you are always looking for ways to get an edge on your competition and grow your sales.  Here are 5 questions that will help you do just that:

Small Business Corner – 5 Key Questions That Every Business Owner Should Be Asking Themselves

In order to be successful as a small business owner, you need to check in with yourself from time-to-time to really access where your business is.  This is really the first step to making any type of change to your business.  If you don’t know where you are currently at, it’s almost impossible to get where you want to go!  So, here are 5 key questions that you need to ask yourself to access where you are at now, and determine where you want to go:

Top Predictions for 2013

As a great leader, you need to have a strong vision for your business, as well as a leadership point of view.  Additionally, you have to anticipate what’s coming next, both in the short term, as well as the longer term future.  You also have to take action on what you anticipate to happen, especially if you hope to stay ahead of your competition.

With all of the changes in technology, it’s imperative that you have a good handle on what’s coming next, as if you don’t, you’ll be out of business faster than you can pull up your e-mail in the morning.  If you don’t believe me, stop to think for a moment about companies like Blockbuster Video, Borders, and even to a certain extent, Kodak.  These are three huge companies that either went out of business overnight, or lost some of their leading products and brands, simply because they didn’t anticipate what was coming next. 

In order to assist you with your business, here are my top predictions for 2013, and what you need to do to address them:

Sales Tip – How To Control Your Ultimate Destiny

One of the toughest and most rewarding jobs is that of a salesperson.  Selling is one of the few jobs where you get paid based directly on the results that you create.  So, as a salesperson, I’m guessing that you’d love to be able to control the results that you achieve on a day-to-day basis.  If you were able to do this, you’d be able to not only be more in control of what you make, you’d also be able to control the impact and value that you bring to your clients, and ultimately, your destiny as a salesperson.  Here’s what you need to do to make that happen:

Small Business Corner – Three Ways To Grow Your Business

As a small business owner, you are always looking for ways to grow and expand your business.  While this can sometimes seem to be a big challenge, there are really only three ways that you can grow your business.  If you want to grow your business this year, improving in one of these three areas can make a big impact.  If you choose to tap into all three of them, you can grow your business exponentially!  So, how do you grow your business?  Here are the three ways that you can achieve your goal of taking your business to the next level:

Tip of the Month - The 3 Beliefs That Will Destroy Your Life

I know what you are thinking.  Wow, that’s not a very positive tip of the month!  Why would you want to talk about something that will destroy your life?  Well, I believe that by having awareness around negative beliefs and the consequences of them, you can work to avoid them.  Martin Seligman, a famous psychologist (known foremost for his work on learned helplessness), came up with what he calls “The 3 P’s”.  These are beliefs that, if you focus on them, can destroy your life.  Here are the 3 P’s, and how to avoid them:

Complimentary Coaching Session

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