Tip of the Month - The Fallacy of Work-Life Balance

Do you find yourself being challenged to find a healthy balance between your career and life outside of work?  The term work-life balance first appeared in 1986 in the US in response to the increasing demands of work and career and their effects on ones' lifestyle outside of work.  Many companies, as well as employees, have struggled with this concept since that point.  There have been endless corporate programs, training sessions, and efforts to try and obtain an effective balance between work and life outside of work.  Is the term work-life balance something that you should really be striving for, or is it a complete fallacy?

Small Business Corner – The Two Keys To Being a Great Leader

There's an old saying that goes, "people don't follow titles, they follow leaders".  In a small business setting, where you have limited resources and have to execute effectively to be successful, leadership is critical to your success!  As a small business owner, are you a strong leader?  Are your employees maximizing the potential of your business due to your leadership?  If you answered those questions with anything but a resounding ‘yes', then you might benefit from two key things that all great leaders do.

Criminal Minds and Your Marketing – What You Can Learn From The FBI’s BAU

The hit show "Criminal Minds" centers on the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, a highly specialized group of agents that profile serial killers based on their behavioral traits.  Each week on the show, the BAU uses their behavioral profiling skills to help local police track down and apprehend serial killers.  The show is really interesting, as it exposes the behind the scenes methodology that the FBI uses to apprehend the most dangerous of psychos.  Through their advanced profiling techniques, the agents track down the killers and bring them to justice, all within 60 minutes of course!  As I was watching the show the other day, it occurred to me that if you really want to be successful growing your business, you should be applying these very same profiling techniques to your marketing.  Here's the 6 step process profilers use, and how you can adapt this to your marketing efforts:   

Tip of the Month – Why Your Business Needs a Google Places Page

If you are a small business owner, one great way to gain more exposure for your business is by having a Google Places page.  Having your business listed on Google Places allows people that are doing a local search to find you.  Additionally, it also allows you to promote your business in a way that will increase traffic to your website.  Here's why you need to take advantage of this great tool:

Are You a “One Minute Manager” or a “Got a Minute Manager”?

Back in 1981, Ken Blanchard wrote his #1 bestselling book, "The One Minute Manager".  The book demonstrates some very practical and proactive ways to manage your people, all centered on the thought process of quick and focused interactions with your employees.  The end goal was an empowered team that was led by a proactive and focused manager.  Some thirty years later, it seems that our business culture has morphed many of our leaders into the "Got a Minute Manager".  The "Got a Minute Manager" is characterized as being easily accessible, constantly operating in interruption mode, and micromanaging the team to the point that the entire organization operates with a short term, tactical focus.  The end result is a team and organization that is working harder, not smarter, and employees asking the question, "Whatever happened to great leadership?"  If you find yourself living in the world as the "Got a Minute Manager", here are some steps to get you back to the "One Minute Manager" mentality:

Small Business Corner - What Is Your Leadership Point of View?

As a business owner, having great leadership skills is paramount to having success in your business.  In order to achieve the results you want, you have to be able to effectively focus and lead your team.  Your Leadership Point of View, or LPOV, is a process of self-exploration that helps you determine the key people that influenced your thoughts on leadership, your life purpose, your core values, and your beliefs about leadership.  Developed by Ken Blanchard, Leadership Point of View is a very effective tool to help you understand and articulate your beliefs about leading and motivating people.  So, why is this important?

Sales Tip - Doubling Your Sales By Managing Your Boss

As a business coach, I coach a lot of salespeople.  One of the questions that I consistently get from both salespeople, as well as sales managers, is how do I grow my sales?  Surprisingly enough, the answer to this question is simple.  If you want to consistently grow your sales, then you need to consistently find ways to spend more time in front of your customers!  Seems pretty simple, huh?  Well, in today’s high tech world, where the salesperson has to deal with tracking software like, being easily accessible via cell phone and e-mail, and sales managers that like to use these tools to micromanage their people, that salesperson has another daily battle to fight – their manager.

If you are a salesperson, I’m guessing that you can relate.  So, if you find yourself spending more and more time in the office doing busy work responding to the constant requests from your manager and other corporate people, and less and less time in front of your customers, then you need to learn how to manage your boss!  Here are tips on how to accomplish just that:


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