Small Business Corner – Leveraging Performance Based Pay

The life blood of any small business, or any business for that matter, is its customers.  Without customers, a business can’t exist.  Many businesses rely on outsourced solutions for sales, marketing and advertising, either because they don’t have the expertise in these areas, or simply don’t have the bandwidth.  While many of these functions have traditionally been paid on a project or hourly basis, many sales and marketing firms are moving towards a performance based pay model, and many business owners, especially small business owners, are demanding it.  The simple fact of the matter is that business owners can no longer afford to throw money at their marketing and sales efforts and cross their fingers hoping it will pay off.   Every dollar spent must be maximized, and making sure that you’re getting a solid return on your investment is smart business.  Here are a couple of key things that you need to do to leverage a performance based pay model in your business:

Rocking Kickstarter - How To Successfully Leverage Crowdfunding To Secure Funding For Your Business

While crowdfunding is nothing new, it is a great way to raise money for your project or business idea.  With the increase in popularity over the last couple of years, it’s become more and more competitive, and more challenging to actually complete a successful campaign and raise the funds that you need for your project or idea.  In fact, according to Kickstarter, about 44% of the campaigns are successful, with the average campaign raising $15,000.  So, how can you stand out from the crowd and get noticed and ensure that your campaign is successful?  Here are a few tips to make sure that you rock it:

Tip of The Month – Using Symbols in Social Media

Have you ever been on a social media site like Facebook, Twitter, or Linked In, or even a blog and noticed that they are using cool symbols and emoticons to highlight or add emphasis to their profile or blog post?  Would you like to know how to do this?  Well, it’s actually really easy!

Dominating LinkedIn – How To Turn Your LinkedIn Profile Into a Lead Generation Machine

As of last month, LinkedIn reached the 259 million mark as far as users on the site.  Primarily a business networking and social media site, LinkedIn has started to dominate the social media space, especially for business owners, salespeople, and job seekers.  With 40% of the users checking in daily, LinkedIn can no longer be ignored when it comes to using it as a tool to grow your business.  In my experience as a business coach though, I’ve noticed that most people don’t understand how to leverage LinkedIn to grow their business or increase their sales.  Here are a couple of key things that you need to do if you want to dominate LinkedIn and turn it into a lead generation machine for your business:

Why New Year’s Resolutions Never Work, And What To Do About It

Have you ever noticed that people seem to start every year off by setting some resolutions?  You vow to hit the gym more, or lose some weight, work harder to get a raise at work, or perhaps even be a better friend or relationship partner.  Does this sound familiar?  If you’re like most people, it does.  And, if you’re like most people, 98% in fact, your resolutions will never come to fruition.  In fact, this happens so often, that it’s become a joke.  Every gym across the country gets busy in January, and by February, things are back to normal.  Do you ever wonder why this is?  Why is it that your best intentions always seem to go by the wayside so quickly?  Here are the 5 top reasons why resolutions almost never work, and what to do about it:

Tip of the Month – 3 Simple Ways To Leverage Your Time

Let’s face it – we can all use more time!  If you are a business owner, salesperson, or entrepreneur, any time that you can save can be leveraged to increase your revenues or do other value added things for your business.  Here are 3 quick and easy tools that can use to leverage your time and create more space for yourself and your business:

Small Business Corner – 3 Marketing Keys For 2014

If you are a small business owner, marketing is the lifeline of your business.  If your prospective customers don’t know who you are, what problem you can solve, and the value that you bring to the table, then you won’t be in business for very long.  Even if you do have a strong marketing program, statistics show that the average person gets bombarded by over 3500 marketing messages every day, and it takes an average of 26 impressions to move someone from complete apathy about your product or service to ready to buy.  So, what can you do to ensure that your marketing message cuts through the noise and generates business for you?  Here are 3 key things that you need to be doing in 2014 to generate great results from your marketing efforts:

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