Tip of the Month – Is Your LinkedIn Profile Driving Leads To Your Competition?

Do you currently use LinkedIn as a networking tool or tactic to grow your business?  If you are a business owner, salesperson, or in career transition, LinkedIn is probably the #1 networking tool that you have.  In fact, as of late 2016, there are over 467 million people currently on LinkedIn, and this number is growing exponentially.  With so many people using LinkedIn as a networking tool, it’s a great way to network and grow your business.  However, if you are using LinkedIn, which you should be, you may be inadvertently driving your potential customers or clients right to your competition!  If you are wondering how this could happen, read on for a great tip that just might save you some business…

When you pull up a profile on LinkedIn, you’ll notice a section on the right-hand side of the page that says, “People Also Viewed”.  Underneath this is a list of other profiles (most likely your competition) that you can click on.  While most people notice this, what they don’t know is that you can actually turn this function off.  If you go into your privacy settings, and go to “Viewers of this profile also viewed”, you can turn this function off.  The benefit of turning this off is that when people visit your profile, they will no longer see the list of your competition right next to your profile!  This is really important if you are trying to sell yourself, as the last thing you want to do is make it easy for people viewing your profile to find your competitors!

By turning this function off, not only will you keep the focus on your profile, but you’ll also stop advertising for your competition.

Happy Networking!

Tom Kelly is a Professional Business Coach that specializes in working with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and salespeople. He can be reached at (630) 964-0112, or at www.businesscoachchicago.com.

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