Are you a sales professional that is looking to dramatically improve your results as well as your income level?  Would you like to strengthen your relating, selling, and communication skills?  Are you ready to exceed your goals and objectives while maintaining a balanced life?

If you are a sales professional in today’s business environment, not only do you have to have a top product or service to sell, you need to constantly stay ahead of your competition by making sure that you are the best at what you do.  However, being the best is often not good enough.  There are constant pressures to generate better results in less time with fewer resources.  As a sales professional, you are in one of the few professions where your results, or lack of them, can be directly attributed to you!

If you are a sales professional that is looking to reach for more, and is looking for a partner to work with, you will benefit greatly from working with a coach.

Do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • I barely have time to keep my head above water, let alone think about “taking it to the next level”
  • I feel as though I am always chasing customers and having to force them to take action
  • I work so many hours and travel so often that I rarely have time to do anything but work
  • The results that I generate are not in line with the effort I put in on a daily basis
  • I am expected to generate results, but I don’t have the tools and training to do so
  • I am often losing sales to competitors’ that have a lower price
  • I wish I could spend less time doing paperwork and have more time to sell
  • I am so busy that I feel completely overwhelmed and my stress level is “off the charts”
  • I am compromising my values and standards to achieve short-term objectives instead of long-term success
  • I am using a shot gun approach instead of a well thought out sales system

If so, working with a coach you can:

  • Generate the results you are committed to, while developing an abundance of time and income
  • Attract customers that are ready to buy, so that you no longer have to chase them
  • Live a balanced life, which works well
  • Align your daily actions with your intentions, so that the results you generate equal or exceed the effort you put in
  • Have the tools, support structure, and accountability to achieve your goals
  • Learn how to generate massive value for your customers, so that price is never an issue
  • Develop a system to handle all of your “administrivia”, so that you have more time to sell
  • Learn to create a “stress free” work zone so that stress and overwhelm are a thing of the past
  • Develop a system that will allow you to create long-term consistent results that are in alignment with your core standards and values
  • Have a strong sales system, vs. a sales effort

Additionally, as your coach I will provide you with:

  • The tools, support structure, and distinctions to allow you to reach your goals quickly
  • An environment where you can speak openly and freely – everything we talk about is held in strict confidence
  • Access to an extensive network of professionals and other people that can help you achieve your goals
  • Support between sessions via phone and e-mail
  • Access to hundreds of resources and assessments
  • The full and honest truth from someone who is in your corner

Are you ready to learn how coaching can help you achieve your goals?

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