Success Interview - John Greene From Northwestern Mutual

John Greene is a Financial Representative for the Northwestern Mutual Financial Network. John provides full service financial planning for his clients, which include successful people from all walks of life. John hired me in June of 2003 to help him improve his business and increase his sales. I interviewed John in May of 2004, and asked him about his experiences working with Northwestern Mutual.

Success Interview - Kevin Chmura From Flexco Fitness

Kevin Chmura is the owner of Flexco Fitness, which was founded in 2001 with the purpose of improving individual's physical fitness through home-based personal training. Kevin hired me in April of 2003 to assist him with his goal of opening a fitness training center. Kevin achieved his goal in January of 2004, with the opening of the Flexco Fitness Center in Glen Ellyn, IL. I visited with Kevin right after the opening, and asked him about his experiences starting and running his own business.

Success Interview - Peter Schmitz From CL Nutrition

Peter Schmitz is the owner of CL Nutrition in Crystal Lake, IL.  Peter took advantage of my “Double Your Income in 2008” promotion that I ran in January of 2008.  He signed up for a year of coaching with the goal of quitting his job as a consultant at Oracle to start his own business.  Since we’ve been working together, Peter has quit his job at Oracle, started his own business as an Herbalife Distributor, and opened his own nutrition club storefront location in Crystal Lake, IL, called CL Nutrition!
His grand opening was in September, and in his first 3 months in business he has already helped 236 people lose a combined weight of 1,682 pounds through his Weight Loss Challenges.  He has also given away over $5,600 in prizes to the participants as a result of their successful weight loss.  As if this wasn’t enough, Peter has 11 more Weight Loss Challenges with close to 300 participants starting up in January of 2009!
I recently sat down with Peter to talk to him about his experience starting and running a new business, his Weight Loss Challenges, and the success that he has had this year.

Success Interview - Sharon West From Dusty Dreams Music

Sharon West is the owner of Dusty Dreams Music, and a professional composer.  Sharon hired me in October of 2006 to assist her with the marketing and sales of her music.  Sharon currently has three CDs, as well as a new release, World Journey, which just came out this month.  I recently sat down with Sharon to talk to her about her new CD, as well as her experiences with starting and running her own business.